Dr. Dowtin At Play

LaTrice L. Dowtin, Ph.D., LCPC, NCSP, RPT

Dr. Dowtin is a Black cisgender woman and is a licensed clinical professional counselor with a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. She is a graduate of Bowie State University, an HBCU, Gallaudet University and program such as Tulane University School of Medicine Infant Mental Health Track Clinical Psychology, Stanford University NICU Psychology Fellowship, Children's Nation Child Development, Johns Hopkins KKI, and the Lourie Center.

Currently, she is the founder and executive director at PlayfulLeigh Psyched, which is a private teletherapy practice that has been serving Maryland, Florida, and Missouri since 2018. Dr. Dowtin specializes in trauma recovery using a social justice and anti-racist framework for infants, young children/families, adults, and perinatal populations. She is multilingual, showing native fluency in both American English and African American Vernacular English (AAVE), while having proficiency in American Sign Language (ASL).

Dr. Dowtin is on the executive committee for the National Network of NICU Psychologists (NNNP) as an incoming co-chair, and serves as a member of the National Perinatal Association’s Perinatal Mental Health Workgroup.

She is passionate about serving people from historically, racially, and linguistically marginalized populations with a special focus on Black and brown communities and the Deaf community. Dr. Dowtin aims to disrupt the transmission of generational trauma from conception through adulthood.

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